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Benny the Duck

 This is a story is full of adventure and excitement and is educational. It likens Benny as being a hero for his community in much the same way as scientists are becoming the hero of the recent pandemic. It also describes the benefits of our greatly practiced social distancing to that of spreading out and avoiding being shot by the duck shooters.

Bob the Pirate

This is the story of how The Leather Vested Sporting Gang tried to steal a pirate’s treasure and his mighty ship and how he tried to get them back with help from his friends.

Wendy’s Ocean Whispers

 Join Wendy on her journey as she is swept around the oceans in which she is rescued by a little girl called Sarah and again by a pretty Mermaid called Marla.


Marcus Keetch

Coming off the back of his first two books, Benny the Duck and Bob the Pirate, Marcus Keetch was once again inspired to write. Inspiration came whilst camping in Queensland where there were some children playing with shells at a nearby caravan. At the same instance, the author noticed a small periwinkle shell sitting on the table by his caravan. While suspecting one of the children had misplaced it, he noticed a small hole in the shell. He then started to wonder how the hole would affect the sound that shells make when you hold them to your ear, and the story progressed from there.